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A Pets' Paradise

Dog toys, dog food, dog care, we hear you, you’re looking for the best products for your little pooch, but there’s so much to choose from. Do you go for a tennis ball or a rubber ball? It’s a tough decision, what if the one you’ve chosen isn’t the one your fury friend would have chosen, and he refuses to play with it? But that’s just the beginning of your problems isn’t it? You have to choose what treats to buy and who knows what the little one (or big one) likes and if he prefers chicken or lamb flavoured bones.

We hear you, and that’s why we haven’t skipped any corners, we haven’t compromised on taste or the all-important play time. We have everything to cater for your pets needs, because after all, why shouldn’t they have the best.

We have our ‘Munch and Crunch’ brand which we are sure will keep your dogs’ bellies feeling full and satisfied with everything from pork bones to chicken chewy bites. Oh and dog mums and dads we know they’re adorable but they do get smelly breath, but don’t worry, with our minty chews your fury friends will always be smelling fresh.

Your fury friend has finished his minty chew and he’s smelling the best he’s ever smelt, but then, disaster strikes, Lily the Labrador and Paul the Poodle have had a mud fight in the back garden and all you can see is two shadow like things charging towards the back door. You panic and think of those freshly mopped floors and your brand-new white couch. But then, you stop and remember you’ve just bought the ‘Pride and Groom’ pet shampoo and deodorising spray from Shonn brothers and everything suddenly seems ok.

Our pet range goes above and beyond and is guaranteed to satisfy your pooches needs, so come on in and take a look for yourself.

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