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A simple guide to flat-faced dog bowls

Flat-Faced Dog Bowls are bowls that have been created specifically for breeds of dogs who – you guessed it – have a flat face, such as Pugs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Shih Tzus. These certain breeds of dogs typically have breathing problems due to their short snout and compressed noses, and so activities like eating can be harder for them than their long-faced counterparts.

Why do some breeds need flat-faced dog bowls?

When eating from traditionally shaped dog bowls, the aforementioned breeds have to push their smaller snouts against the hard bottom of the bowl, making it harder for them to breathe clearly while they’re eating. If they inhale air through their mouths while they’re eating, this could lead to complications like bloating, excessive wind, indigestion, vomiting or even choking.

How do flat-faced dog bowls work?

Raised dog bowls are designed to alleviate this issue by raising the bottom of the bowl up and placing it on a slant, making it easier for flat-faced dog breeds to eat and breathe happily. The curved bottom of the bowl means that the flat-faced breed can eat without having to push their nose against the bottom, and the raised feeding surface brings the food closer to the dog, making for an entirely more comfortable eating experience for the dog, and lessening the chances of the issues mentioned above affecting the dog.

What are the benefits of flat-faced dog bowls?

Flat-faced dog bowls also promote better eating posture in a dog than traditional bowls, as they don’t require the dog to bend down to eat their food, which also promotes back and neck strain. Raised bowls are often endorsed by vets (though always check with your veterinarian first), as they help with healthy digestion, and breathing, promote good posture and help to reduce back and neck strain.

Many raised bowls are now dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned after feeding your mutt. Many also come with non-slip technology, allowing your dog to eat their meal from a stable feeding bowl – no more licking the bowl around the kitchen floor! All in all raised bowls are a far better alternative than traditional dog bowls, and benefit not only flat-faced dog breeds but are more comfortable for other dog breeds as well.

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