151 Products

We are the official distributor of the 151 Brand. The majority of our products are non-seasonal and are for use in and around the home. Our range covers a diverse number of categories, from DIY to Pet; Automotive to Arts and Crafts; First Aid to Gardening. Each brand benefits from a unique profile and distinct, attractive packaging. We stock the following brands 151 Adhesives, 151 Artists, 151 Coatings, 151 Decorating, 151 Hardware, Arty Crafty, Car Pride, Chatsworth, Chiltern Wove, Cooks Choice, Cotton Tree, Duzzit, EasyRead, Eazifeed, Elbow Greese, epack-it, Fabric Magic, Fabrite, Feed Me!, Globmill, Home Maid, Jump, Love your Wood, Masterplast, Munch Crunch, Nuage, PanAroma, Pest Shield., Pets Play, Pride and Groom, Queen of Cakes, Rolls Razor, Safemate, SealaPack, Sewing Box, WaxWorks.

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