Elbow Grease

The Elbow Grease range of cleaning products has all your bases covered. They have that rare trait of being premium quality items combined with an unbeatable price tag.

The flagship product is the 500ml spray application of Elbow Grease. This is essentially an all-purpose degreaser with the emphasis on “all-purpose”. This unique formula is tough enough to remove oil from a car engine but gentle enough to be used on fabrics (always patch test on a hidden area of cloth). It can be sprayed directly on to the fabric stain and then the fabric washed as normal, without any worry that Elbow Grease will evaporate in the washing machine. Completely solvent-free, this remarkable fluid is also suitable for use on metal and plastics.

Elbow Grease’s Washing Up Liquid is next on the list with a 740ml formulation. Added to running water sparingly, this lemon-scented product is a powerful degreaser. It will leave your dishes sparkling clean, dissolving and removing grime in an instant.

The 550ml Cream Cleaner completes the fluid range. Bathrooms will shine when using this cream cleanser. The addition of micro-crystals to the formula means that bath scum and soap deposits melt away under the potent treatment. The micro-crystals reach into the minute contours of the surface to remove even the most stubborn of bathroom stains. Of course, to achieve all this sanitation you need applicators.

Our range is completed with Elbow Grease’s very own Power Cloths and Scrubbing Pads. Used together, these products are an unbeatable combo in battling the war against household dirt and grime.

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