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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and it’s almost here. Whilst some market sellers, pop-up Christmas shop owners and Grotto decorators might be dreading the days, weeks and months of work in the build-up to the big event, you’re different – because you’ve come to Shonn Brothers! Relax and browse our vast selection of toys and decorations in complete comfort, knowing that every want or desire you may have is available right here, all in one place.

Do you need to brace Santa’s Grotto for the arrival of the man himself? Head over to our Xmas lights area, where you’ll be greeted with a selection of festive lights vast enough to rival a Rockefeller Centre tree! For those of you who think the oldies are the best you can help yourself to some Fairy Lights, or if you’re an energy-efficient Christmas is on the holiday agenda for your pop-up store, be sure to check out our LED lights.

If your customers can’t help but get wrapped up in the excitement of the festivities, you can find your way over to our range of wraps, cards and tags for a whole host of gifting goods. Our Traditional 8m wraps bring some classic looks for the Christmas traditionalists, with our Cute 8m wraps offering up some serious festive family fun.

If you’re aiming to be the joker of the Christmas markets this year, look no further than our Elves Behavin’ Badly range. From our Elf Dummy Surveillance Camera reporting the naughtiest of customers directly to Saint Nic, to our Magic Elf Slate to get a head start on your Christmas cracker jokes – everything to make your stall the quirkiest in town can be found right here.

Can you imagine a Christmas without decorations? That’s not something we ever want to be a part of, which is why we’ve left no stocking unturned to make sure that whatever the design taste, we stock the product to suit. In our decorations section you’ll find a multitude of holiday cheer, we offer coloured and decorative tinsels all the way through to our selection of garlands for the cherry on top of your festive cake.

Last but certainly not least, and as Christmas is the season for giving, why not offer your customers the chance to gift something special on Xmas eve? With our Elf and Traditional Xmas Eve boxes, any buyers will relish the opportunity to spread the festive cheer a day earlier than usual – there’s no such thing as too much Christmas, right?!

We’ve talked about just a few of our Christmas products in this article, but we’ve only scratched the surface. For you to get a real feel for the scale of what we have on offer this year you’ll have to head over to our dedicated Christmas area for yourself – just make sure you’ve blocked out a few hours for browsing before you take the plunge!

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