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Interior Dehumidifier Assorted Scents

Code: 0100/1511099
151 Products Interior Dehumidifier With Air Freshener - Assorted Scents

Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in water!

Helps stop damp, mould, mildew and condensation.

For use: Inside caravans, wardrobes, store cupboards and aboard boats.

151 Interior Dehumidifier is the quick and easy way to help remove damp and improve air quality around the home. The special crystals inside draw moisture and damp from the surrounding atmosphere trapping it inside the dehumidifier. It is especially useful to dry out damp rooms, reduce condensation and prevent mould and mildew building up. Its handy size means that it can be placed in small areas such as cupboards and under sinks. It is ideal for use in caravans and boats during Winter months when damp is most prevalent.

Directions for use: Remove plastic lid. Peel back foil wrapper leaving a white layer over the top. This layer allows moisture in and keeps the crystals safe. Do not remove or pierce this white layer. Replace the plastic lid. Place in a suitable area. Once product has absorbed the full amount of water (when all the granules have turned to gel) place in a plastic bag and throw away carefully with normal household waste. Depending on levels of humidity in the atmosphere, the product may last for between 3-6 weeks. Not recommended for use in bathrooms.

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