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Lollipets are the interactive toys that children are getting excited about. Each one moves around, but with the lollipop acting as a remote, they can be controlled to turn, hop and even interact with each other.

There are eight animals in this pack, but these cute collectable creatures are available in 20 variations, such as dogs, rabbits, mice and elephants. Each one has a name. Boris, Sugar, Sprinkles or Hazel are just a few of the Lollipets you might get. These toys need to be placed on a flat surface to get them to move, then the lollipop is used to control where they go or how they interact, wiggling their tails and floppy ears as they go.

Easy-to-follow instructions are included and they operate on LR44 batteries. Each toy comes with a sticker, a map of their home and the treat to control them. Children can play with their Lollipets alone or invite friends to bring theirs with them - they can even swap extras with friends to help each other complete the full set. If children want to be really imaginative, they can try setting up mazes to guide the pets around. Best of all, each one is of the highest quality and is suitable for children aged 5 and up.

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