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We pride ourselves on providing you with one of the widest ranges of wholesale garden supplies currently available in the UK.

Whichever stage you’re currently at in your latest gardening project you can be sure that throughout every step of the way, Shonn stock what you need at a cheap price. From our range of seeds and bulbs, all the way through to our plant pots, gardening starter packs and plant feed, our range of gardening tools and accessories are well-suited to seasoned gardeners as well as novices just beginning their gardening journey.

Why Choose Shonn Brothers for Your Wholesale Gardening Supplies?

Whichever product you require, we’re absolutely confident that Shonn Brothers’ range of wholesale garden supplies contains enough variety to satisfy even the most specific of backyard or lawn requirements. As well as our ever-popular showroom in Manchester, we also offer a fast & reliable delivery service as well as a revered customer service team, making your online shopping journey a pleasant one from start to finish.

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