Wholesale Hardware Supplies & Accessories

We pride ourselves on providing you with one of the widest ranges of wholesale hardware supplies and accessories currently available in the UK.

We all require different sorts of hardware to tackle a variety of jobs. Whether woven or rubber, all of your Doormat needs are covered in our dedicated area. Short on Hooks and/or hangers? We’ve probably got what you require. In our Plastics section, you’ll find a huge selection of hardware, ranging from Cutlery Trays and Dish Drainers all the way through to our Brooms. From Scrapers to Gloves to Heavy Duty Knives, our Tools section offers anything you could ever need for your heavy-duty job and finally, our Woodcare section offers all kinds of products, all of which intended to protect your brand new wood floor or Coffee Table.

Why Choose Shonn Brothers for Your Wholesale Hardware?

Whichever piece of equipment you require to carry out your latest job, we’re absolutely confident that ShonnBrothers’ range of wholesale hardware supplies and accessories contains enough variety to satisfy even the most specific of requirements. As well as our ever-popular showroom in Manchester, we also offer a fast & reliable delivery service as well as a revered customer service team, making your online shopping journey a pleasant one from start to finish.

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