18Pk Puppy Training Mats


18Pk Puppy Training Mats


Pride & Groom Puppy Training Packs (18 Pack) Size: 50cm x 40cm (Approx)

Absorbent polymer technology

Easy training

Helps protect floors

These new Puppy Training Pads from Pride & Groom are a great way to help toilet train your puppy. You can use these pads instead of newspapers and magazines as each one is absorbent. Use these pads all around the home.

Instructions for use:

1. Place the puppy training pad in a convenient location which your puppy is used to. At the start of training do not move the pad to a different location each time, it is important that the pad is kept in a position where the puppy will recognise it. Adding a scent to the pad will help the dog to locate the pad each time. (N.B. There is no scent included with this packet of pads).

2. Whenever your puppy has eaten or had a drink take them to the training pad.

Barcode: 5053249232058


Pack Quantity12