PestShield Bed Bug Killer-200Ml


PestShield Bed Bug Killer-200Ml


PestShield Bed Bug Killer Treatment spray for eliminating Bed Bugs in the home.

PestShield Bed Bug Killer is an effective way to combat the presence of bed bugs and fleas in the home or other accommodation which is infested.

Directions for Use:

For treatment of rooms with fleas and bedbugs, spray infested areas lightly. All bed linen should be lauded not sprayed , ideally spray around carpets, skirting boards, bed heads, mattress and any other area where bed bug activity had been seen.

For other crawling insects, this spray has excellent residual activity, so is best sprayed into cracks and crevices where insects harbour to give long lasting insect free zone. It can also be used as direct spray against ants and crawling insects for rapid knockdown and kill.

Shake well before use:

For direct spray – Spray directly towards insects for 2-3 seconds from 60-90 cm away.

For surface spray- Spray evenly along surfaces from 20-30 cm away where bed bugs or crawling insects may harbor or have been seen.

Re-apply as necessary .

Where bed bug infestation is moderate or severe it is advisable to consult with a professional pest control operator.

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