PestShield Flea Spray -200Ml


PestShield Flea Spray -200Ml


PestShield Household Flea Spray 200ml

Ideal For Pet Beds And Soft Furnishings

Use On: Dog Beds, Hutches, Kennels & Carpets.

1) Shake well before use.

2) For direct knockdown, spray directly at insect for 2-3 seconds from 60-90cm away.

For Room Treatment:
1) Close all windows and doors.

2) Spray in all directions for 5-10 seconds for an average sized room (30m³).

3) Keep room close and do not enter for 10 minutes.

Barcode: 5050375097704


200ml Flea Spray. This is a Pestshield product. Ideal for Pest Control in the house or garden. This item is part of Shonn Brothers Manchester UK Wholesale Pest Control range, for more information and more products be sure to check out the Pest Control Category

Pack Quantity12