151 Products Matt Black Spray Paint


151 Products Matt Black Spray Paint


151 Spray Paint Black Matt Leaves a Fantastic Finish on most surfaces, Wood, Metal, Brick

Directions for use:

Ensure surface is clean and dry. Remove all dirt, grease, oil, rust, moisture etc

For best result, the can should be at room temperature before use.

Use in warm, dust free and windless conditions and avoid cold, damp conditions.

Shake can from side o side for approx 1 minuute before spraying. During use occasionally shake to ensure colour uniformity and to prevent the nozzle from clogging.

Test on an inconspicuous area before use.

When using ensure the can is approx 20 – 30 cm away from the surface to be painted and apply in a smooth, sweeping motion.

Build up the paint in a few thin coats and allow the paintto become touch dry between coats (approx 30 mins)

After use ensure nozzle remains unblocked by either holding the can upside down and spraying on some cardboard or remove the nozzle and soak in thinners.

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