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The wonderful world of sensory toys and how they benefit children

Sensory toys give children of any age the chance to play, explore sensory experiences and develop coordination skills. They’re also brightly coloured to light up the senses while providing a distraction to promote relaxation.

Everyone knows that kids love collecting things and the craze for collectable squishes has been with us for some time now. They’re so popular that clinics rolling out Covid-19 vaccines are stocking up on sensory toys to offer a diversion for children under 12 who may be anxious about getting the jab.

The popularity of sensory toys

There is a range of benefits from kids having multiple sensory toys with each type stimulating certain sensations. They’ve become so popular because of their inherent simplicity in a world otherwise dominated by technology and because they’re inexpensive.

Sensory toys are particularly beneficial for children with autism, ADD, ADHD and OCD. They’re used extensively in schools, healthcare settings and by parents. Providing a sense of comfort and discovery, sensory toys help children explore the world close to them, relax and calm down.

Sensory toys such as colour changing squish balls offer a dual purpose with tactile play and visual appeal. But you’re by no means limited to squishing and sight alone.

Sensory sound toys

Sensory toys that create a sound are particularly useful for children who struggle with auditory sensory issues by providing a noise they control to divert attention from the world around them. For example, try infinite flips, and satisfying snaps.

If you’re a child of the 1960s or 70s you’ll recognise the Whirly Sound Tube that was a craze of its own back then as the ‘Free-Ka’. Based on an actual scientific equation – Bernoulli’s principle – Whirly Tubes are simple musical instruments that produce different tones by swinging them in a circle. Children will be delighted by the sounds they can create from such simple motions.

Turn sensory toys into a learning game

Similar to the simple pleasure of bursting bubble wrap, pop-it toys offer unlimited popping joy by repeatedly pressing each dimple in and out. Perfect for fidgeters, skin pickers and hair pullers, Keyring poppits can go anywhere with you and be easily fixed to a pushchair or bag.

You can extend the uses of pop-it toys to turn them into an intelligent pastime to use in a game of learning. The playtime possibilities are endless with a giant assortment of poppers. Use them for simple maths and alphabet exercises by adding letters or numerals.

There’s a whole lot more in the world of sensory toys too. Check out our full range to find a sensory toy that’s perfect for your needs.

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