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Time to clean the house!

Christmas celebrations, combined with cold and wet weather, may result in your home feeling a bit more cluttered and dustier than you would like. Giving your home a thorough clean in the lead up to summer is a great way to ensure it remains a pleasant and relaxing place to be in, whether you’re hosting barbecues, sunbathing out in the garden, or reading in the lounge. Here are a few tips for giving your home the spring clean it deserves.


Often, the kitchen is the hub of activity in the home. It’s where family meals are prepared, take-aways are distributed and endless cups of tea are made. Here, cleaning the surfaces is vital for maintaining a hygiene food preparation space. Use a good limescale remover to keep your sink and washing up area clean and shiny. Don’t forget the kitchen cabinets and wipe the handles with antibacterial spray. Cleaning out the fridge should be on your list as it’s easy for forgotten food to linger and create bad odours that can spread across to other foods!


The smooth surfaces of the bathroom make a daunting task actually quite satisfying. The first step is to clear, dust and wipe down all surfaces before tackling the shower/bath and sink with bathroom cleaning product . Clean the toilet last before mopping, making sure to wash your hands between every step. Keeping your bathroom constantly tidy can really help prevent grime and dust from building up.

Lounge and bedrooms

For the living spaces, the main tasks you need to tackle are hoovering and cleaning the surfaces . Remember to hoover underneath the cushions of the sofa (you’ll be surprised what you might find) and under the bed. Tidy away the various cushions, blankets and laundry that are lying around and you’ll already notice a significant difference.

Finally, once all the rooms have been cleaned, the last thing you should do is take out the bins. It’s amazing how much of a difference a few simple cleaning actions make, and the more you clean, the less it builds up.

To give your home the clean it needs, you have to have the right equipment. Have a look at our household cleaning supplies and keep your home looking at its best.

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